Ty Beanie Baby Patti (fuschia) (4G, 5G) Fourth or Fifth Generation Swing Tag


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Animal: Platypus
Style Number: 4025 ASIN #: B00001QEAN
Heart Tag Generation: 3 4 5
Birthday: January 6, 1993
Introduced: February ??, 1995
Status: Retired: May 1, 1998
Holiday / Theme: None
Comments: Patti the platypus was one of the Original 9 Beanie Babies and was issued on January 8, 1994 and retired on May 1, 1998.
Patti that was produced was a color (raspberry / maroon) close to the Cranberry and Magenta New Face Teddy Bears. The second version ) fuschia)of Patty has a more purple tone similar to the color found in the tail of Inch the inchworm.

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