Saturday, December 02, 2000

How Should I Store My Beanies?

Many collectors have stored their precious Beanie Babies in ordinary plastic bags most often used to store food. However, plastic baggies are not designed to store collectibles long-term and are not recommended for this purpose by the manufacturer. Plastic baggies seal in condensation and contain acids which could lead to mold and mildew damage.

Scott Miller, a collector who owns four #1 Sales Rep Bears, 12 Billionaire bears, 6 Royal Blue Peanuts as well as many other are rare Beanies does not have these Beanies on display in his home. Instead, they are stored in acid free, breathable archival storage containers, away from any sun light. "None of my Beanies are incorrectly stored in plastic bags or those clear plastic display cases, which are non-breathable micro environments that can damage a Beanie in the long run due to trapped moisture and acidic gases from the pellets within the Beanie itself," explains Scott.

Beanies should be wrapped in acid-free buffered tissue paper and then stored in an acid-free cardboard container. You can find the acid-free buffered tissue paper at the PreserveSmart website.


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