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Color Me Bunny

Find out what your Beanie Babies are worth

Where to Sell Your Ty Beanies & More On MetaExchange

MetaExchange.comMetaExchange works like a trading floor where buyers and sellers can post the price they are willing to pay for an item or the price they are willing to sell an item. These prices reflect either a quantity purchase or a single item purchase, and do not include shipping costs. There are some mixed bag trading pits that require 50 to 100 different Beanie Babies. The Beanie Babies need to be in mint condition with mint heart tags. Here is the last selling price for the 100 Mixed Beanie Babies on MetaExchange.

The price you see on MetaExchange does not include shipping. The seller will reimburse the buyer for shipping. Below you will see a graph for the pit on MetaExchange for Buying or Selling 100 Mixed Beanie Babies.

View Pit

The fee to sell an item on MetaExchange depends on the trading floor. To determine the exact fee for a particular item, go into the Trading Pit for that item, scroll down to the bottom of the "Current Buy and Sell Orders" table, and click on the link for the "MetaExchange Fee Calculator". Enter the amount you want to sell and at what price, then click "Calculate". The Fee Calculator will calculate the exact fee.